Chocolate Malt

100 flying saucers wins next trophy

- Perfecta horse win = 5 saucers
- Inverse perfecta win = 2 saucers
- Pick top horse = 2 saucers
- Pick 2nd horse = 1 saucer
- Other contests as specified

Jeff M collects trophy for Angels Envy

Hints available for use!
Let Brian know when you want to use yours.
Available for races or contests

Marlene(3)  Anna(6)  Mark G(6)
Jon(3)   Mark P(2)  Jenn(2)
  Olivia(6)     Eric(3)     Lisa(3)
Mary(6)   Jeff W(2)  Shawn(5)

Special Hints (2nd/last horse winners for next race)   Erik owns 3

Championship Horses

Horse champion owners will receive their trophies once their champion horses are done at the track so we'll have their total earnings.

They will also receive a trading card of their horse that will also be distributed to other members as prizes for their collection.

Horse Cents Tidbit

If you should happen to get a tangible Horse Cents coin for any reason, the value will be automatically added to your horse's cash.

If you turn it back into Brian, your horse will receive that value once again!

$500 off next horse purchase
Jeff W(2)    Olivia(2)   Marlene
Shawn(2)   Mary   Mark G   Jon

Horse Bets are $100
(50% off if you submit Mon-Wed)

1st: $900
2nd: $400
3rd: $100

Perfecta betting: $5

1st/2nd  $4000 (perfecta)
2nd/1st  $2000 (inverse perfecta)

Horse Owners

Horse finish earnings
Win: $600
Place: $300
Show: $150

Buddy and Moosh are passing hints on races and other contests from the birdroom!