Chocolate Malt

100 Carrots wins the next trophy

- Perfecta horse win = 5 carrots
- Inverse perfecta win = 2 carrots
- Pick top horse = 2 carrots
- Pick 2nd horse = 1 carrot
- Other contests as specified

Trophy won by Marlene for her champion horse.
Her second trophy!

Hints available for use!
Let Brian know when you want to use yours.
Available for races or contests

Marlene3      Anne2     Anna    

Jeff W    Jon2         Erik2
Stacey     Olivia          Eric2

Mark G    Lisa

Expunge 1 horse loss!
The following people won the prize of having 1 loss removed from their horse's race record.  Will be applied in the event of a race loss.


Championship Horses

Horse champion owners will receive their trophies once their champion horses are done at the track so we'll have their total earnings.

They will also receive a trading card of their horse that will also be distributed to other members as prizes for their collection.

If you know anyone that might want to join Gano Downs Raceway, make a copy of this page and cut out the ticket and give it to them.

Or simply send them a link to our site.  The sooner they join us, the sooner they will be able to build up their account and have fun doing it.

Gano Downs is the only known horse track where not only people bet on horses, but horses bet on people!

If you don't own a horse, you should buy one as they can help you earn carrots to boost your standing.
Invest in gold

Make your hard-earned money grow for you by investing in gold and selling it for a profit instead of sitting in your account.

You can even keep the 5 oz. coins at your house to admire if you wish.

$500 off next horse purchase

Mary      Dave