Gano Downs Raceway
Check with the experts!
We're brought in the "experts" to see who we think gives us the best advice to provide insights on which horses to bet on each week.  If some work out better, we will keep them on the staff.  Hope this proves helpful.
Crown Royal and Flying Worm will likely be fighting over the top spot this week.  Both can do it and it may depend on who has that extra push to hit the finish line first.

Is Victorious due to start making a comeback?  Could GoodPizza surprise everyone and win it all?  Could be a very close race this week.  Hard to make the call. No clear winners if you ask me.
I'll go with this order for this race.  Victorious, with Flying Worm coming in 2nd, and Crown Royal taking 3rd. 

Christmas Pickle hasn't been working her running skills enough lately, and GoodPizza has just been running steady.

Looking forward to having some of that popcorn this weekend.. Which one should I go for?  I do love caramel corn.
May 21st race