Gano Downs Raceway
Pretty in Pink really had an off week last week.  Guess that only goes to show that even the strongest of champions can have a bad day.

This week, I think that Charlie's Girl is finally going to hit the big time with a first place finish.  She has been hanging with the best and it's about to pay off!  For the second place spot I'm going to put Cold Shot up there, but he needs to have a good strong run.  But he's been looking good this week.

I'm putting Angels Envy in the 3rd place spot.  He has more experience than most horses in this event, but having come in last in the previous race makes me wonder how he might do.  He's capable of a higher spot.

Meow has 4 losses and can't afford another, but this just may be the one that takes him out of Gano Downs lineup for future races.  If he does go down, at least he has acquired champion status and will be honored with a trophy and his own trading card. Or just maybe he'll stay here if he can place higher in this race. I put Thunderstruck last as I don't have much to go by.  That sure didn't work for me last week with Slaughter III.

I see the birds were busted for obtaining insider information.  I feel better about myself now that I know that they just weren't so great at predicting.

1st  #5 Charlie's Girl
2nd  #2 Cold Shot
3rd  #1 Angels Envy
4th  #4 Meow
  5th #3 Thunderstruck

Featured horse: Thunderstruck
by Marcie

I didn't get a chance to watch Thunderstruck in action as he came to the track after I had watched most of the practice races.  But I did talk to the owner (Marlene) and she told me this. "Thunderstruck is a muscular horse with powerful legs and when it comes to the track he runs at lightning speed."

So let's encourage him to run his best against this tough bunch of horses that he will be competing against this week!

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