Gano Downs Raceway
Check with the experts!
We're brought in the "experts" to see who we think gives us the best advice to provide insights on which horses to bet on each week.  Hope this proves helpful.
Flying Worm and Horsey McHorse are by far the favorites in this race.  Elmer's 2.0 might take 3rd with that Lucky Horseshoe.

Dutton's Pride could sneak into the top 3, but he seems to either do really well, or really poor, so it's a rough call.

Misty III will have her work cut out for her with this tough competition.

I'm anxious to watch the human race this next weekend put on by the horses.
Counting on Elmer's 2.0 to have a good day and take first having that Lucky Horseshoe on his side. 

Will go with Horsey McHorse to pull in 2nd place, as he loves this strong competition.

Think that Misty III is going to surprise and have a really good race to take 3rd.

Flying Worm may slide this week, as she has little to prove with a fantastic record.  Dutton's Pride may be a spoiler, but thinking she won't be in the mix this time.

No pizza vending for me.  Sounds like a lot of work.  I like being around the horses.

Boomer's nose knows?
The Boomster getting pretty close.  We'll stick with his predictions a while longer as long as he keeps up a good record.
1. Flying Worm

2. Horsey McHorse
3. Dutton's Pride

4. Elmer's 2.0

5. Misty III

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