Gano Downs Raceway
Check with the experts!
We're brought in the "experts" to see who we think gives us the best advice to provide insights on which horses to bet on each week.  Hope this proves helpful.
Slipping in my predictions again lately.  Maybe I need another vacation :)

I see the lucky horseshoe is in play again this week.  Gotta go with Joyride taking that top spot as Joyride has had some pretty good races and the extra luck could make a difference.

My prediction for the number 2 horse will be Major as he is a strong runner and will likely do well in the longer track (or not!)

Pitaya had an exceptional race in her first try and I'm thinking she'll do well, but not quite as strong this time.  I see her pulling in thrid.

Misty Da Turd, not that strongest contender and Elmer's 3.0 is too new to make a prediction on at this time.
A little off last week, but the horses will surprise you now and then and so you can't always predict perfectly.

Think I will join Julia in her prediction of Joyride this week with the lucky horseshoe giving a boost to a capable horse.

Pulling in second I'm thinking will be Pitaya as she really showed us she has the right stuff when it comes to winning.  She was so impressiving in her first run here!

I'm going with Elmer's 3.0 for third in this race as he can be strong, but even though not tested at this track I think he'll have a strong run.

Misty Da Turd and Major to come in the last two spots in no particular order.  They can't all place in the top 3.

I hear those birds are giving hints on the races too.  Wonder if they get paid like we do.
Shelia the Psychic
specializes in horses
Another strong race for those who can endure, although a little shorter track this week.

Looks like the lucky horseshoe does it's magic and keeps its horse in the top 3.

I foresee the horse named MDT, will NOT finish in the top three!

The crystal ball clouded up early this week, so nothing more is showing up.
New Horse Information
feature by Marcie
Watch for new horse information coming again to this spot soon.  More new horses coming to Gano Downs.