Gano Downs Raceway
Info on ordering your own horse

You can order a horse for the price of $2000 from your account.  You tell us the name you wish to have for it (limit 16 characters).  The horse will remain at Gano Downs and run in races until it loses a total of 5 races.  A loss is considered coming in 4th or 5th place.

Anytime your horse wins 1st you will collect $600.  $300 will be awarded for 2nd place and $150 for 3rd.  If, by the time your horse retires after 5 losses, if he/she has accrued $4000 in winnings it will be considered a champion and you will be sent a trophy with your horses name on it and he/she will be listed in the record of champions listed in the Horse Information page at Gano Downs.

To order your own horse, press the button below that should open up your mail program.  Tell us you want to order your own horse and what name you wish to call him/her.  $2000 will be deducted from your Gano Downs account.  You can only have 1 horse active at the track at any time.  Good luck!