Contest for all of May

A bit more difficult than the April airplane contest.  You'll need to check often to look for a Golden Egg and report it to Brian.  There won't be as many showing up on a weekly basis, but the rewards are greater.  If you find a golden egg with a red ribbon and report it that day, you'll receive $500.  A golden egg with a blue ribbon will grant you a carrot.  Golden egg with a gold ribbon will have various prizes.

Where will I find the eggs?

Some of the eggs will be easy to find if you check Gano Downs on the right days as they will be right on the main page.

Other times, you will only find them on the linked pages off of the main page, or perhaps by tapping pictures and finding them hidden underneath!
The person who finds the most eggs by the end of the month will choose which one of the following extra prize they would like receive.

- 5 extra carrots
- Two lucky horseshoes
- $2,000 bonus

To report any eggs, you can either text me at 832-314-7743 or use the wager form to submit your name, color of ribbon under "perfecta" and where under "special" or else email me: