Wagering Directions
You can pick out a horse for your wager Monday thru Friday midnight by clicking on the Submit a Wager button on this page and leaving a note to pick out the horse you wish to place your wager.  A wager will cost you $100, but you will gain $900 if your chosen horse comes in 1st.  A second place showing will pay off $400 and $100 for 3rd place.  A perfecta, if you choose to play will only cost you $5. You bet on 2 horses to come in 1st and 2nd.  If you get them right in that order you win $4000.  If they come in 2nd and 1st you collect $2000 (otherwise known as a "boxed" perfecta).

Races take place on Saturdays
You can watch the races on Saturday and/or Sunday. Cash payments will be paid out sometime on Sunday.  Monday begins a new week of wagers being placed for the next race.

What happens when you press "Submit a Wager"
You should be taken to your Email program to initiate a message to us here at Gano Downs. Simply give us the information as seen in the box below. You can only bet on one horse each week and submit one perfecta wager if you wish.  Your wager cost will be deducted from your total cash and your bets will be shown on the main page (usually the next day at the latest).  If this is your first ever bet, your first name will be added along with your betting info and you will start out with $10,000, less your wagering fee(s).

             Email Message Sample

    To: Gano Downs

    From: Your name here

    I would like to bet on horse #3 and wager on the perfecta with
    horses 3 and 5.


If this button does not take you to your email program, simply go to your program and send an email to ganodowns@gano.name or else just leave us the information in the Chat Box on the Main Page
Gano Downs Raceway
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New race horses will run starting Monday!