Current Auction Prizes

Box of chocolates

Trading card collection container

3 apples (or whatever the current contest)

2 autographed trading cards.
Gano Downs Raceway
Winner: Jon for $11,900
Gano Downs Mug

Winner: Jon for $12,600
Walmart Gift Card $25

Winner: Stacey for $23,500
Book of stamps & 4 donuts

Winner: Dave for $6,000
JCP Gift Card and Trade Card holder

Winner: Jeff M for $30,514
$10 cash/book stamps/3 store tickets

 Winner: Jeff W for $12,020
2 Pencils/2 autographed trade cards
4 horse stars Trade Card holder
determines next contest item

Winner: Erik for $36,000
Book of stamps, 3 horse stars,
trading card holder, 3 special hints

Winner: Jenn for $35,000
Remove 2 apples from everyone and keep 6 for yourself.  Plus 2 autographed trading cards.

Winner: Stacey for $25,000
$10 in cash
10 Scratch/Win tickets
5 lucky balloons
2 autographed trading cards

Previous Auction Winners