The great
dedicated to all the horses that earned over $4,000 at Gano Downs Raceway
Flying Worm
Owner: Anna   Record: 7W 7P 2S  Earnings: $7,400   7/2022
Owner: Jeff W   Record: 3W 0P 4S  Earnings: $4,200   7/2022
Horsey McHorse
Owner: Stacey   Record: 6W 2P 7S  Earnings: $9,450   7/2022
Spot On
Owner: Marlene   Record: 2W 5P 2S  Earnings: $5,400   7/2022
Crown Royal
Owner: Jeff M   Record: 6W 3P 1S  Earnings: $4,950   8/2022
Pretty in Pink
Owner: Mary   Record: 4W 2P 2S  Earnings: $6,200   10/2022
Pride and Joy
Owner: Dave   Record: 2W 2P 3S  Earnings: $4,950   11/2022
Owner: Mark P   Record: 2W 2P 2S  Earnings: $5,100   12/2022
Elmer's 2.0
Owner: Mark G   Record: 3W 3P 4S  Earnings: $5,600   3/2023
Owner: Marlene   Record: 1W 2P 2S  Earnings: $4,000   3/2023
Winter's Sky
Owner: Jon   Record: 4W 2P 2S  Earnings: $4,500   5/2023
Owner: Jeff W   Record: 3W 1P 1S  Earnings: $4,850   4/2023