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2 scratcher
Gano Downs
 1. Regular Taco

 2. Burrito

 3. Taco Salad

 4. Pizza

5. Ice Cream
 6. Soft Drink

 7. Cookies

 8. Horse treats

Taco Man Tacos
Orders taken on Tuesday's only.
If your order # matches a winning number you will win $300 and if you own a horse, it will receive $200 toward it's winnings! Limit 2 per Tuesday (after all they are free) Just let Brian know your order #s.
Winners will be notified

Sorry, no prize

Sorry, no prize

2 scratcher

Lucky Balloon

Lucky Balloon
Sorry, no prize

Sorry, no prize

Sorry, no prize


Simply pick a Lucky Bee number each week and see if you can light up a winner! (use special on wager)
Numbers will highlight a box. Press the B's to see how it works.  Highlights will update on the weekend.
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Gano Downs
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Winning Order #s
2 and 7

Picture Match
Two pictures will be picked each week to win 2 apples. Pick a picture and put the code in with your wager under "special". To increase your odds you can pick a second picture and code it with a $ and the second letter - but it will cost you $50. 


You can browse, but you can only purchase with a ticket!
All items $200 each - 1 purchase per ticket. Contact Brian.
CAR PART - you choose which part!
1 APPLE - to help win the trophy
TRADE CARD - you choose the horse
HINT FROM BRIAN - can use any time
Ticket holders:
Jeff M(6)  Jon(3)  Mark G(7)  Olivia(5) 
Mark P(3)  Anna(4)  Eric(3)  Lisa(3)  Shawn(5)
Jeff W(3)  Mary(3)  Anne(3) 
Dave(2)  Jenn  Erik(2)  Stacey
Trading Card Contest
If you see a card that you have in your collection that matches this one, tell Brian to receive the current prize.  If you have an autographed card (not your own) you get double the prize. Keep checking.The card and prizes change every now and then.
Current Prize:
Bird Room
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