3 free lotto

Sorry, no prize
1st Champion Horse at GDR
Flying Worm   Owner: Anna

Current Jackpot
$ 1500
Gano Downs
First person
to earn $30,000
at this track.


How to play: Under "Special" in the Wager Form (or text Brian), type in up to 3 dollar signs ($) for how many lotto balls you want to receive at a cost of $50 each.  You will receive at random that many balls for the weekend lotto.  If you match the color and number, you will receive the Jackpot plus the prize(s) being offered. Jackpot increases as more play.
This week's prizes:
The Jackpot
1 Trading Card
2 Carrots

Bonus: 2 extra balls

2 Carrots each
+$500 bonus for reporting before Monday
 1. Regular Taco

 2. Burrito

 3. Taco Salad

 4. Surprise me

 5. Ice cream

 6. Soft Drink

 7. Cookie

 8. Horse taco

Taco Man Tacos
Orders taken on Tuesday's only.
If your order # matches a winning number you will win $300 and if you own a horse, it will receive $200 toward it's winnings!
Limit 2 per Tuesday (after all they are free)
Just let Brian know your order #s.
Winners will be notified



Sorry, no prize

Sorry, no prize

Sorry, no prize
3 free lotto



Sorry, no prize

Sorry, no prize
Simply pick a Lucky Bee number each week and see if you can light up a winner! (use special on wager)

Numbers will highlight a box. Press the B's to see how it works.  Highlights will update on the weekend.
Door to
Horse Tales (exhibit)
Next week
I will
be gone...
Visit the great
Hall of Champions
Trading Cards being made by popular demand
Winning Order #s
1 and 8

New: 5 extra balls added. If an extra gets picked, no one wins and the lotto grows for another week.