Gano Downs Raceway
Welcome to Gano Downs!

This was a new site as of January 2022.  Even though it involves gambling of sorts it is ALL MAKE BELIEVE.  The money is not real, but the fun is.

To join us, all you need to do is make your first wager and you will be granted $10,000 and have your first name placed on the main page along with your horse wagering pick(s). Then send a text to brian at 832-314-7743 and give him your first name and your text number and/or email address.

Another thing you can do is buy your own horse to run in these races and you can add to your cash if he/she comes in 1st/2nd/3rd in each race that he/she is placed until forced to drop out after a certain number of losses (see purchasing a horse).

Anyone that starts out and fails to participate for what we deem a long period of time will be removed.  It's understood that people can lose interest and we respect that.  We just want to keep people listed who are actively participating.