Welcome to my web portal! I use this page for many purposes, but mainly as a starting point to my favorite web sites and for posting my latest photos.

Here is a picture of some colleagues and me (far left) in the Mission Control Center.

Updated : May 2008


Some apps I have written that you might find useful: (My bug tracker)

Words Alone - The ultimate solitary word game! (iPhone/iPad app)
Chess Cheats - for Chess with Friends - iPhone/iPad app to help with Chess with Friends games.
Knee Rider - iPhone app for turning your knee into an exciting children's ride.
iObserve - iPhone app for Planetary observations and identifying the moons of Jupiter and Saturn
Mate in N Puzzles - Collection of Chess Puzzle apps for the iPhone
A History of Problems: Memphis Chess Club - Collection of Chess Puzzles based on the book by Kenn E. Thompson and Dwight K. Weaver (2011).
Hot Air - a Hot Air Balloon Flight Log app for the iPhone
Phyto (Android) - a Phytoplankton learning app for Android
Phyto (iPhone) - a Phytoplankton learning app for the iPhone
JSatTrak - Java Satellite Tracker
GPS Inspector
Airport Data Browser
2D Solar System Explorer
Shawn's Satellite Simulator
JKrig- a surrogate modeling tool
Gallery Maker photo album creator (like JAlbum with histograms)
JPlanetRise (WebStart)(.exe)- Simple app to calculate when the sun/moon/planets will rise/set for any location on earth.
Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer

CNC Router Notes

Notes and lessons learned while making things with a CNC router.

A Random Quote to Ponder