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Lots of Fun and Easy to Use

The interface is easy to use simply swipe your finger on the animals and background song. The app comes with a horse and one background tune William Tell Overature; an expansion pack is availbile to add a dinosaur and duck along with two other background songs.

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Built in Help

Step by step help is built into the app to help get you going as fast as possible. It also includes some useful tips as well as a couple suggestions for alternate uses of the app.

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Customized Settings

Customize the sensitiviy of the app to your personal knee bouncing style! The settings are easy to use - just a single sliderbar. It can also be fun to watch the graph as you shake the device in different directions.


Saddle up and giddy up!

Turn your knee into a bouncing animal ride, complete with music and sound effects. (Warning: children may beg for rides over and over again.)

The app is easy to use: simply select an animal and background music with a swipe of your finger, turn the volume up, hit the 'Giddy Up' button, and put your iPhone/iPod into your pocket. Finally, add a rider to your knee and start bouncing!

When you bounce your leg, you will hear the animal's footsteps. You can bounce along to the beat of the music or take them on your own crazy ride - there's plenty of opportunity to be creative and have fun! The animals also make other sounds over the course of the ride, and if you can keep up with the rhythm long enough, the crowd roars with excitement!

The app comes with a horse (complete with sound effects) and the "William Tell Overture" as a background music option. An in-app expansion pack is also currently available; it contains two more exciting animals (dinosaur and duck) and two more up-beat music selections ("Yankee Doodle" and "Entry of the Gladiators").

You can adjust the sensitivity of the app to fit your personal knee-bouncing style. Whether you bounce your leg softly or forcefully, you can fine-tune the app to work well for you!

A note from the developer:

I came up with the idea for this app while I was giving my daughter a ride on my knee. She wanted me to hum her 'an exciting song' while making animal noises. As my humming borders more on frightening than exciting, I thought of using my iPhone for the background music - then it dawned on me that I could potentially use its accelerometer to add even more fun. A couple of days later I had a small prototype working, and she had such a great time that I decided to create a full-fledged app and publish it so many more people could have as much fun playing with their kids!