During one of the early races, the horses came across a kangaroo who was spooked when he saw them all running his way.

Before the days when the horses had jockeys here, one of the horses had a bunny jump on his back and ride during a race.

There has only been 1 race disqualification at this track and that was due to a horse blocking the path of another horse to prevent it from moving ahead.  It was determined that this was not done intentionally.

A horse, new to the track at the time, was missing a jockey and finally had a monkey take his place.  However, the horse was spooked by this change and ended up running a whole race backward.  Note - he did not end up winning the race as you can imagine.

On Saturday July 16th Horsey McHorse beat the track record for speed by over 14 seconds.

On Saturday July 30th the horse that ran backwards previously did it again with a regular jockey.  Crazy stuff!

Horsey McHorse ran 13 consecutive races without losing a single one.  He finally took his first loss on November 19, 2022.

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